the hetmana called Aspasia (aspasia93) wrote in cleveland_indie,
the hetmana called Aspasia

Neighborhood Watch Request!!

Greetings folks, hetmana here.

Yes, I know -- way to join a list -- never really searched for too many Ohio LJ communities until tonight, then see some of my IRL-friends names already here.

The hetmana-mobile, better known as "Hannah", was stolen yesterday evening.  The Cleveland police are more worried about drunk drivers and stray bullets (as well they should be) than stolen hoopties, so I am asking people to put the word around and keep their eyes open, and cell phones dialing the police if appropriate.

I made a page for her:

I already had some of my large Recycled Rainbow gear in the car (doing repairs in my 'rents yard), and with RR only 11 days away now, this is just that much more upsetting :(

Please post the link anywhere you think appropriate.

NOTE: I am a AAA-plus member. AAA will pay $2000 reward to anyone who provides information TO THE POLICE that directly results in the arrest and prosecution of the individual(s) who stole my car.

Sad about the circumstances, but glad to have found this LJ-Comm.
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